Domestic USA shipping on herb and mind-expanders

First off, Sukhino bhava (may you be happy)! Remember, everything is already perfectly functioning aside from the identity illusion. For more info on that, please contact me.

I was going to make this an automated checkout site but then I realized that would bring me bad karma if I died or otherwise disappeared. Don’t want customers to lose their money and send me bad vibes during my life review, right? Not to mention the end of civilization is probably just a few months away (my prediction is everything falls apart in January 2022 based on Biden’s deadline for truckdriver vaccination).

So instead, I’m just going to list some products and prices here, and when ready to purchase you can contact me on Session App at Session ID 05a6eb4f1292d00417685e5b4d0e5909b85ae7fa34f6df537c3bf69bc801c5ff62

My goal is to help people with their health in general, mental and physical (step #1: don’t get vaxxed, step#2: Doctor Yourself), which is why I don’t offer items like MDMA, which are neurotoxic. I only offer THC cannabis products for people who understand the need to complement them with CBD, CBG, or palmitoylethanolamide to reduce the neurotoxic potential of THC.


Crypto, especially XMR/Monero is the easiest and most private way to pay, but if you for some reason can’t go that route just let me know. (If you have Cash App you can buy bitcoin right in the app.)


I ask you to please let me know when your package arrives and also to let me know once you try the product. Most items ship separately from different locations. Tracking numbers will usually not be given unless a shipment is late, for security reasons. Your full name is required on the address to avoid a USPS red flag. If you are an international customer, I may be able to dropship within your country or point you to a domestic vendor.


I must first note that the best psychedelic is also the cheapest and most legal, lucky you! I’m speaking of ayahuasca, which is a lot easier to use than most people think. Click the first page here for info on that. A low dose of ayahuasca combined with meditation on dependent origination is the key to success.

If for some reason you want to try some other psychedelics/entheogens here is my dropship list (working with multiple shippers), but I also have a partner with a much more interesting list which you can ask me about (not always available) :

  • 100mg Stamets z-strain shroom microdose capsules for neurogenesis (with lion’s mane and niacin), 50 for $95
  • Magic Mushroom prices in general are $175 per half ounce, $275 per oz, $750 per qp, $1950 per lb

    Potent strains: Tidal Wave, Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, Albino Penis Envy, Louisiana albinos, penis envy #6, texas orange cap. If interested in other strains just ask me to check most recent updates. Unfortunately the Pan Cyans are out of stock (maybe best strain ever)

    Or you can go for some gourmet mushroom chocolates, 6 pieces containing 3.5g total of mushrooms (your choice of B+, Blue Meanies, KSSS, Penis Envy #6): $75
  • $125 per gram of yellow/tan freebase DMT+NMT mix from mimosa, or $150 per gram of 99% pure white extracted DMT (i can provide Energy Control spectrographs) or $200 per gram of fb synthetic dmt. $135 per gram of synthetic dmt fumarate or 5-meo-dmt fumarate. Before you can order 5-meo-dmt you must ask me for the safety info on it.
    I recommend predosing harmalas for DMT but not for 5-meo as that is dangerous. I also recommend getting the vape carts instead of the powders since vaping powders is quite tricky, and in the case of 5-meo, more dangerous as well:

    $75 for a fairly pure 0.5g DMT vape cart, or $155 for a 1g cart (10x1g carts for $1k)
    $300 for a 1.5g synthetic DMT or 5-meo-dmt cart
    Ask about other quantities
  • DPT HCL 1g for $100
  • 1g 2C-B HBr $250 or 2g of 2C-B HCl $520 (the HCL is more potent). Can trigger meth drug test false-positives (as can any phenethylamine according to erowid).
  • 4-AcO-DMT fumarate (psilacetin, 25mg is a medium strong dose, similar to shrooms) : 100mg for $75, 250mg for $125, 1g for $250, 5g for $750
  • LSD tabs. I’ve scoured TheMajesticGarden forum to find you the very best in the world. I am still working on my own personal comparisons but I can definitely vouch for the seuss. Here you can see a comparison between 4 of these.

    Dr. Seuss (the only LSD that turns incels into monogamy worshippers?) is 99.1% pure, super chill and most medicinal quality that I can personally vouch for up to this point. 200mcg: 10 for $125, 25 for $200, 100 for $500. Pure crystal also available, starting at 100mg for $2k or 1g for $12k.
    GammaGoblin 99.5% needlepoint, may feel purer than Seuss but less visual, more introspective: 105ug x 5 tab for $50, 100 tabs for $400
    Feather Light 99%+ purity tabs made in California, which some say is even more chillax than Seuss, very visual and spiritual at 300ug dose: 110mcg x 100 tabs for $400, or liquid vial of 100 drops of 110mcg-120mcg for $450. Note that liquid does evaporate over time, so each drop can become more potent, but also LSD degrades around 5x faster when dissolved in liquids (except for DMSO) than when on blotter/gels. You can make your own DMSO liquid from blotter paper for maximum shelf life protection if you just prefer the liquid form.
    Team Trust TT#1: supposedly 99.9% pure if you can believe that, but yes very pure, maybe not as introspective tho: 105mcg x 50 for $225.

    Epigram White Fluff, old family acid, not quite needlepoint purity (not a body load but not easy to sleep on the come down), but seems especially focused on emotional healing/processing compared to other crystals. Super visual. Can give a body high and may feel especially loving. $400 for 100mcg x 100
    Epigram Blue Cheer party acid, super visual and FUN without much mindfuck: $400 for 100mcg x 100
    Scoobiesnacks needlepoint gel tabs 200mcg x 10 for $125 or 50 for $400 (waiting on reviews)

ALD-52 freebase 300mcg tabs (equivalent to about 350mcg of the regular ALD-52 tartrate), 50 tabs for $400. This is an analog of LSD which tends to be easier for people to handle.

  • THC Cannabis: organic flower, trim, concentrates, edibles, also available with different strains at different times depending on quantity and form. Listing all the variations and prices here would not make sense but I will post some examples. Let me know what you are looking for and price range.

    Keep in mind THC without CBD or CBG or palmitoylethanolamide is neurotoxic and doubles false memories. Make sure you have CBD etc to use with your THC. If you want delta-8 or CBD or CBG or CBN products you can get them from

SHAKE: indoor wedding cake (smells good) or animal cookies shake (smokable as-is or can make potent edibles), 1 ounce for $100 or 1/2lb for $475
Gelato + Runtz shake 1oz for $100, 1/4lb for $200 or 1lb for $550

  • Indoor BUD:

Divorce Cake #2: $235 per oz, potency is 7/10, trim isn’t perfect, mostly indica effects

White Runtz: $235 per oz, potency 7/10, balanced hybrid 50/50 sativa/indica effects

Platinum Bubba Kush indica bud, $160 per oz, $500 for QP, potency 6/10, machine trimmed (leafy)

waikiki queen
Waikiki Queen small buds, $235 per oz., $650 per QP. 70% sativa, 7/10 potency, fairly well trimmed

Venom OG, $235 per oz or $600 per QP, mostly indica effects, 6/10 potency, a lil frosty, 7/10 aroma, buds are a lil stemmy

Chemdawg: $300 per oz, balanced hybrid, 8/10 potency, fluffy buds, 9/10 aroma

  • Following are the “NancyBotwin” tier 1 bud, (right click to view full img):

Botwin's Platinum Kush indoor
Platinum Kush, $250/oz, $700/qp, $1200/hp. sedating indica

black diamonds botwin bud
Black Diamond, $250/oz, $700/qp, $1200/hp. pure indica, relaxing.
botwin gorilla glue
Gorilla Glue #4, $250/oz, $700/qp, $1200/hp. couch-lock indica
train wreck
Train Wreck, $250 for 2oz, 85% sativa effects, not super frosty, probably 6/10 potency

  • ,
botwin amnesia haze
Amnesia Haze, $300/2oz, $900/8oz. 75% sativa effects, slightly frosty

botwin moonrocks

Moon rocks (Girl Scout Cookies bud soaked in hash oil then dipped in kief), 48% THC. Giggly and stoning. $350/oz $950qp

botwin carts

Botwin’s own trim and bud extract placed into vape carts. No solvents. 10 x 1g carts for $350

  • ——

Purple Punch indica bud (potency is 8 out of 10 tho not frosty), $250/oz or $700/qp

  • Greenhouse bud, right click to view larger img;
    Harle-Tsu 14g for $150 Harle Tsu
critical cure
Critical Cure (1:2 CBD to THC)

acdc cbg
ACDC CBG (15% CBG, 7% THC), 14g for $150. lil frosty!

  • Harlequin sativa dominant 5:1 CBD:THC, 14g for $150, Harlequin
    White Runtz 1:1 THC:CBD 7g for $125,14g for $200, white runtz
    Ringos Gift 1:1 THC:CBD 7g for $80, 1oz $250, 2oz for $400 ringos gift
    Humboldt Reserve OG x Royal Highness (75% SATIVA) 1oz $250, QP for $500, 1lb for $1500
    Cream Caramel (aka Royal Caramel): high THC, 90% indica, sticky and skunky, light frost, 14g for $150 or 1oz for $250, QP for $500CREAM CARAMEL GREENHOUSE
    Vanilla Frosting 75% sativa. 14g for $125, 1oz $200, QP $500, 1lb $1500 Vanilla Frosting
  • 20g indica Rick Simpson oil (extracted with alcohol from a mix of strains) for $300
  • 1oz of THC distillate 92% from indoor bud for $250, or 1 Liter for $5k
  • NYC Diesel Live Resin badder, balanced hybrid,
  • Bubba Kush A+ trim Live Resin badder, indica. 1oz for $300 or QP for $900
  • Live Resin Badder available for the following strains (they change frequently):
    Cookies, Purple Punch,, Biscotti, Lemon Tree, Duct tape, Gelato, Orange harambe, Cookie dog: 14g for $235 or 1oz for $400 (up to 4 strains per oz may be requested) (SomethingTerpsCHM)
  • Live ROSIN, Island Breeze, Tropical Diesel, or Tropical Poundcake for $200
  • White Fire OG A+ Crumble, mostly sativa effects. 1oz for $400, 1lb for $4k
  • 10x60mg THC gummies (600mg total) or 10x50mg nuts for $35