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  2. taken from a TMG post:

    — TT#1 —
    Onset for me is always kind of drawn out. Folks that I have given tabs to have expressed the same opionion of the onset and come up. Come up is smooth and gradual, exciting, slight rushes of energy. Sometimes a little bit of heaviness. Very comfortable however. Visuals are typical and excitable, very fluid motions, warping, overlays. Color enhancements. There is somewhat of a depth to it but nothing that is going to take you for a ride too hard. In all this is a good xtal. I can eat on it after the come up. Very functional headspace. I recommend it for situations with friends and sharing. It’s a nice social xtal that wont leave you looking too retarded even in the higher doses in public.
    If you don’t pick it up for the flash sale, you are missing out.

    — TWL Featherlight —
    Of all you asked for a comparison, this is my absolute favorite, and it’s my #1 xtal along with Rose. This is an absolute masterpiece. The color spectrum on this, the visuals, the depth given to music. The headspace will take you as deep as you wish to go yet remain completely functional. I took 300ug and went to Target shopping once. It was a little hard to pull off, but I was able to hold it together. Went to a wedding afterwards still completely out in left field. Featherlight is a beautiful experience. Very warming, loving, very therapeutic. If you have any issues to work through this is my ticket. Whether it’s depth you seek or just an amazing amazing amazing trip, this is it right here. Stunning. Brilliant.

    — DS3.0 —
    A little speedy on the come up for me, slight anxiousness and it makes me pace around a good bit. But once you’re up the hill it’s a fantastic voyage. Colors colors colors! Very glitchy visuals, I always have the same type of visuals on DS3.0 where things are glitchy, motion outlines around objects, almost like someone has drawn sketch lines around everything with pencil. Headspace is functional but it can grab you and take you deep in your thoughts. Very therapeutic functionally. Very controlled and crisp/clean. I enjoy DS3.0 but it’s not my favorite. I bust it out from time to time, it’s definitely a good one to have in your stash.

    — Gammagoblin Needlepoint —
    Come up slightly heavy for me but extremely smooth. I was able to fall asleep on this once during the come up that’s how smooth. It was almost like going from not tripping to straight tripping without even realizing it. I never get a lot of visuals on this one, it’s mostly very deep and introspective. Visuals that I do get are completely fucking crazy and out of no where. For instance, something will without notice grow in size or shrink very rapidly. Things will superimpose themselves very quickly. I can close my eyes and anything becomes fathomable. Some say that this xtal is too smooth. To my liking, it’s not crazy enough for me. I do enjoy it, but it is not my favorite. It is absolutely one to have for your stash though

    I recommend you get all of these if you haven’t. I love them all, each has their own place.


    Here’s another poster comparing ]Epigram White Fluff to Feather Light:

    Epigram White Fluff: In comparison to other xtal. It stands on its own that is for certain. It has a body euphoria to it that is very pleasant and unlike many I’ve tasted. There is an awesome dream-like headspace that is akin to being trapped inside cumulus clouds of electricly intoxicated love.
    Featherlight is a faster paced experience compared to this. Where Featherlight has a deep and never-ending headspace, I found White Fluff to be quite the traveler instead of looking into your thoughts too deeply. Featherlight visuals are also very aggressive, this one was very aggressive but in different ways. The comfort factor with White Fluff is amazing. I literally ascended without knowing it.
    I love Featherlight it is my favorite. But i really like this one too, it has a different feel to it and a very chill vibe. Great to just tune in and escape for a while


    Here is another person reviewing Epigram White Fluff:

    I got to test this xtal out this weekend and all I can say is WOW! absolutely incredible. This stuff is so smooth, loving, warm, and healing. The visuals are smooth, clear, and liquid like. This stuff has such a similar character to the Diamond Fluff, just incredible. Music was beyond words, the whole trip felt like god was basking me in warmth and love. It was deep yet orderly, as soon as you thought things might get hairy it was meet with unconditional love. I couldn’t stop laughing, felt like I was letting so much stress and tension thats been built up for awhile, just all disappear. This is some true medicine, woke up feeling refreshed and full of positivity and light. Thank you epigram for bringing such an incredible xtal to the markets. This ranks up with some of the best I’ve ever tried. I can not wait to try your Rose, so very excited.

  3. GammaGoblin-my take on 2 Tabs. Should have done three. On a scale from 1-10, rated a ten, also lasted about 10 hours with a dose of THH an hour prior. I had an adventure with night walk and food that tasted amazing. It wasn’t hard to maintain composure in a public space. After seven hours and unwinding, I was asked what I saw; still strong. Where does the couch end and the window start? I didn’t feel buzzy but fluid. To sleep, I took a baby x and melatonin. Minimal energy drain the next day. Also I attribute experience to setting and support.

  4. NYC Diesel Live Resin Badder.

    Recently received this Item, One of the best Resin I have ever used. Puts you in the right amount of Mood whr you can work and Ponder your mind about your existence.

    Thr was however an issue with the package to which Mr.Nobody graciously helped out to which I am thankful!

  5. My order order of d m t crystals was expensive but worth it for the Journeys’. I have experience in this subject ranging from being enveloped in a bubble of love, attacked by muddled demons, visits from sylphs and recently knowing what an explosive feels like Consciousness, was fragmented into tiny pieces Immediately, i challenged further use (that lasted 5 min.).

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