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  1. GammaGoblin-my take on 2 Tabs. Should have done three. On a scale from 1-10, rated a ten, also lasted about 10 hours with a dose of THH an hour prior. I had an adventure with night walk and food that tasted amazing. It wasn’t hard to maintain composure in a public space. After seven hours and unwinding, I was asked what I saw; still strong. Where does the couch end and the window start? I didn’t feel buzzy but fluid. To sleep, I took a baby x and melatonin. Minimal energy drain the next day. Also I attribute experience to setting and support.

  2. NYC Diesel Live Resin Badder.

    Recently received this Item, One of the best Resin I have ever used. Puts you in the right amount of Mood whr you can work and Ponder your mind about your existence.

    Thr was however an issue with the package to which Mr.Nobody graciously helped out to which I am thankful!

  3. My order order of d m t crystals was expensive but worth it for the Journeys’. I have experience in this subject ranging from being enveloped in a bubble of love, attacked by muddled demons, visits from sylphs and recently knowing what an explosive feels like Consciousness, was fragmented into tiny pieces Immediately, i challenged further use (that lasted 5 min.).

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