Reship Research Chemicals and plants from Europe to USA

If you are trying to get some plant or RC that I don’t offer, most likely you can have ME buy it at or Https:// or Https:// and ship to my friend who then can reship from Germany (since no NL site ships to USA, or if they do, packages are seized by customs). His email is but you should go through me unless I’m non-responsive (his preference to avoid giving his address to a bunch of people). You can contact me at

  • Don’t order toxic or addictive drugs.
  • Don’t order any drugs if you have mental instability issues or have taken psychiatric drugs within the past year.
  • Do not send him any RC which is banned in Germany.
  • He charges minimum $10, or maximum 10% of your order total, plus extra for shipping a package (letter envelopes free) . I charge an additional $20 to facilitate the ordering process, unless you are paying me in fiat currency in which case I charge 10% for crypto conversion in addition to the $20.
  • Do not blame me if he disappears someday. Everyone does.

Love yourself and be careful! ❤️

Post your comment here so people know how the transaction went.

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