Domestic USA shipping on weed and mind-unbinders (psychedelics or entheogens as some call them)

First off, Sukhino bhava (may you be happy)! Remember, everything is already perfectly functioning aside from the identity illusion. For more info on that, please contact me (on Telegram: @CivilizationIsAHoax ). But you can experience it this way: imagine that each atom which makes up your body (as well as outside) is in love with each other one. They are afraid to show it while you are watching, so just imagine you’re gone, and then they will each have their own experience of perfect love and peace. Remember that all atoms always function perfectly according to natural laws.

I was going to make this an automated checkout site but then I realized that would bring me bad karma if I died or otherwise disappeared. Don’t want customers to lose their money and send me bad vibes during my life review, right? Not to mention the end of civilization is nigh as Klaus Schwab and his technocrats begin the final phase of their transhumanist agenda.

So instead, I’m just going to list some products and prices here, and when ready to purchase you can contact me on Session App at Session ID 05a6eb4f1292d00417685e5b4d0e5909b85ae7fa34f6df537c3bf69bc801c5ff62 … If i do not respond, I am probably away at a remote farm without internet, so be patient.

My goal is to help people with their health in general, mental and physical (step #1: don’t get vaxxed, step#2: Doctor Yourself), which is why I don’t offer drugs with a greater risk to reward ratio except to peoole well educated on mitigating the specific risks. For example,I only offer THC cannabis products for people who understand the need to complement them with CBD, CBG, or palmitoylethanolamide to reduce the neurotoxic potential of THC. You can get great CBD oil for cheap at — it is good for pain also. I also sell CBD Bubba Kush buds and CBD vape carts and give them away free with THC orders if requested.

The most powerful neuroprotectant is dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), it can actually reverse brain damage ( and has hundreds of medical uses. Huffing DMSO steam (or from a cool mist nebulizer, or even just repeated deep sniffing from the dmso bottle) can clear lungs and sinuses out and even get you high if you hold enough of it in your lungs… If you are using any potentially neurotoxic drugs you should definitely be using DMSO. Too much DMSO will cause you to sleep less since it promotes wakefulness (keep it in your car in case you get sleepy!), so if you notice that happening, use less DMSO. DMSO also turns bad trips into good trips almost instantly. If you want to kill a trip healthily, you can do so using high doses of niacin (5-18g, beware of heat flush tho), or you can try my Syrian rue anti-psychotic extracts (whole seeds extracted with room temperature acetone or PEG-400) which killed an ayahausca trip I was on instantly, something that even niacin and DMSO couldn’t do).

As part of my goal of promoting health and harm reduction, I encourage everyone to check interactions between every herb and drug they are taking. A friend of mine is still trying to recover from the PTSD he got from using MDMA while taking the health supplement resveratrol 7 years ago (Resveratrol inhibits CYP2d6 liver enzyme which metabolizes MDMA). If you need help checking interactions, let me know and I will be happy to do some research for you!


Crypto, especially XMR/Monero is the easiest and most private way to pay, but if you for some reason can’t go that route just let me know. (If you have Cash App you can buy bitcoin right in the app.)


I ask you to please let me know when your package arrives and also to let me know once you try the product. Most items ship separately from different locations. Ship location #1 costs $20 for USPS priority mail shipping. Other locations cost $10. For location N/A, tracking numbers will usually not be given unless a shipment is late, for security reasons. Your full name is required on the address to avoid a USPS red flag. If you are an international customer, I may be able to dropship within your country or point you to a domestic vendor.


I must first note that the best psychedelic is also the cheapest and most legal, lucky you! I’m speaking of ayahuasca, which is a lot easier to use than most people think. Click the first page here for info on that. A low dose of ayahuasca combined with meditation on dependent origination is the key to success. You can buy ayahuasca ingredients at

  • Iboga root bark pieces (if you need powder it costs $5 extra per 20g, or you can grind it in a spice/coffee grinder, or chew & eat it)
    • Male root bark is more logical, comical, and stern, supposedly better for addiction purposes, but less spiritual than female root bark, which has more of the minor iboga alkaloids. Advanced practitioners can try up to 2g of female iboga with acacia confusa ayahuasca, but start with just half a gram iboga at first. 10g iboga for $95, 25g for $170, 100g for $550. I also have bark that is half potency for less money.
      Ship location #2. Iboga is amazing at low doses like 1 to 1.5g but only half the population responds to low doses. But if you do, it is very blissful, loving, and everything feels fresh. Like natural mdma. It also resets addictions and drug tolerances so it can save you money if you are a heavy weed patient. Iboga has a reverse tolerance and one should not use more than 40g per six months. It interacts unpredictably with many herbs and meds. I have more info on iboga just ask.
  • Magic Mushroom prices in general are $85 for 7g, $175 per half ounce, $275 per oz, $650 per qp, $1750 per lb.

    Potent strains (please note that the strains themselves are not usually what determine potency, but rather the specific pheno/chemotype which varies depending on grower’s isolate and grow conditions) location N/A unless specified: Albino Penis Envy, and Penis Envy #4, very potent at 14mg psilocybin equivalent per gram. Ask me for lab results! Ship loc #3, Blue Balls from ship loc #2 (very potent, but also very chill). True Albino Golden Teachers (Nutcracker), very potent, tends to be introspective. Hillbilly cubensis, not super potent but happy and good for parties. B+ isolate #8, more potent than regular B+, about 13mg psilocybin equivalent per gram, this strain is non-nauseating and ideal for meditation and therapeutic use (less crazy than most strains). Ship loc 2. If interested in other strains just ask me to check most recent updates. Unfortunately the Pan cyans are out of stock (maybe best strain ever). You can see other strain experiences summarized on shroomery and some other effects of other strains summarized at this Canadian vendor’s site (I don’t know how they can sell legally but they look legit if you are in Canada).
  • 4-AcO-DMT (psilacetin) fumarate: the research chemical version of shrooms. It feels a bit like a mix between shrooms ans dmt. I found it to be stoning, very blissful, visual, and mindfucky on the come-up. Check for more info. Same potency as psilocybin, approximately. 25mg is like 3.5g of average cubensis. Be very careful weighing your doses. I knew a guy who took 10x too much (dosed while already high ) and he got severe brain damage that lasted many months. 100mg is $35. 1g is $250. 5g is $1k. This is a tan color powder.
  • Mimosa hostilis root bark (MHRB), finely powdered, 100g for $50, 1lb for $125, 1kg for $200, 5kg for $750. Ship Location #2. Can ship from Mexico for much cheaper if you don’t mind the very minimal risk of customs seizure and arrest.
    Acacia confusa root bark powder also available at the same price… This is the most therapeutic drug in my opinion for the heart chakra. Advanced practitioners can try along with up to 2g of female iboga for some deep life lessons, but start with just half a gram iboga at first.

  • Pure synthetic DMT freebase, $125 for 500mg or $200 for 1g, $500 for 3.5g, 1oz for $1500 (it is about 98.2% pure but due to how it is freebased, the crystals are beige to brownish). Ship loc 2 or N/A.
    Ship location #3.
    I HIGHLY recommend vaping Syrian Rue powder just before DMT but not for 5-meo as that is dangerous. Even better than pure harmalas, the vaped rue seeds produce a heart-chakra experience if vaped whole. If you crush them up and vape the powder you get more of the changa/ayahuasca effect but still some of the heart chakra. I will include some rue seeds with every DMT order, just remind me.

    I do recommend getting DMT vape carts instead of the DMT crystals since vaping powders is quite tricky, and in the case of 5-meo, more dangerous as well.

    $75 for synthetic 0.35g DMT freebase vape cart, or $135 for a 0.7g cart (10x700mg carts for $1k). Ship location #2. Made with PEG-400 as the solvent. NOTE: Some people report “spitback” when vaping. This has multiple causes, some of which are avoidable.
  • Magic CHRUNGA (smokable ayahuasca like changa but way better) that I make by adding 1 part pure synthetic DMT to 3 parts crushed rue seeds (check MAOi interactions), if you prefer to go that route, altho it is better to vape them separately since DMT vapes at a lower temperature. The experience is absolutely magnificent, unlike any changa formula I have ever tried, it seems completely perfect, no fear, all chakras lined up, and lets you commune with dead loved ones easily. I also make a more gentle heart-chakra version with mostly whole rue seeds instead of crushed. I vape it on a high setting, 220C. Wait for the vapors to accumulate a bit before inhaling so that you don’t get the dmt before the rue vapors. Smoking it in a pipe works easier.
    Price: 150mg (around a dose) for $15, 1g for $75, 5g for $300. Ship loc 2.

  • Synthetic 5-meo-dmt Fumarate (for IM or SC injection, gives a 60-90min trip that’s much more therapeutic than vaping it, and microdose injections are reportedly wonderful for love-making. Watch this presentation:, 500mg for $100 or 1g for $185. Ship location #2.
    Freebase 5-meo-DMT vape carts made with PEG-400, much safer than vaping the powder, take short inhales of a few seconds to gauge potency but my guess is a 10 second inhale might give you 10mg which is too strong a dose for me. $40 for 80mg cart. $70 for 165mg (half mL) cart, $100 for 330mg 1mL cart. This is the most dangerous psychedelic on Earth, you should not do this alone without a sitter, you can vomit into your lungs and die, or get brain damage. A medium dose feels like crack cocaine to me. I do not recommend this at all unless you have tried (especially low-dose) ayahuasca and meditation a lot and have not gotten therapeutic results.

  • 100mg 2C-B HCl for $35, or 1g for $250, 5g for $900, 1oz for $4k, 70g for $7k. Can trigger meth drug test false-positives (as can any phenethylamine according to erowid). This is a very visual but not very spiritual kind of high, seems pretty nontoxic, non-addictive, and doesn’t build tolerance. Personally, I don’t like 2c-b at all but a lot of people love it, especially for parties, and sex. Ship location #1 or #2.
  • MAPS Tek white powder MDMA (molly), 100mg for $20, 1g for $100, 5g for $400, 1oz for $1500. Ship location #2. (
    Most customers agree this is as good as the highest quality purple one that is almost gone: When I say highest quality, it took a long time to find this purple one. Went thru many crappy vendors before finding the good stuff. This is made from Sassafrass by Rainbow Family chemists. Almost all MDMA these days is mediocre crap which redditers and bluelighters refer to as “MehDMA.”
  • New purple MDMA also available.

    MDMA is neurotoxic in racemic form (R isomer is healthy but not magical without some S isomer), and 4-6 people I know have long-term brain damage from MDMA. But it’s quite safe in low doses and combines really well with mushrooms (called Hippie Flip or firefly), LSD (candy flip), 2c-B (Nexus flip), which allow you to get more out of less. Keep in mind that studies show MDMA causes brain damage mainly via overheating, so keep hydrated, but don’t over-exert yourself. I recommend adding some electrolytes into your water, or drinking coconut water. I also recommend that you read this comprehensive guide on using MDMA therapeutically. Make sure you don’t use other drugs or herbs with any MAOi effects, including kratom and kava, nor any drugs which block CYP2d6 liver enzyme pathway.
  • You can also get the neuroprotection RollKit from but it is $10 plus shipping.


Before buying MDMA you should buy the world’s best neuroprotectant: dimethylsulfoxide, which you should have at home anyway since it has over 300 medical uses and could easily save your life one day. (read DMSO: Nature’s Healer, by Morton Walker M.D.). It actually turns bad trips good, but it makes you smell kind of garlicy especially if you are low on magnesium or don’t drink raw milk. You can also buy it on Amazon. If you put DMSO and water (50/50) into a portabe cool mist nebulizer and slowly sniff the vapors and hold them deep in your lungs, you can get a beautiful healthy blissful feeling which reminds one of a whole session of Wim Hof breathwork.

  • P.S. There is a natural, free, and much better heart-chakra opener: metta meditation! The best safe alternative drug to MDMA is probably Acacia confusa ayahuasca, or alternatively, San Pedro cactus powder, or for a quick solo heart chakra opener, vape whole Syrian rue seeds before vaping DMT (or even better, metta NMT). If you prefer peyote over San Pedro cactus due to needing to take less:
  • Peyote powder: 14g for $45, 100g for $250. Ship loc 3. According to some customers with good sensitivity, 5g of this equals about 85mcg LSD in terms of potency. 15g or so should be a visionary dose if you have average sensitivity and absorb it well (cactus absorption is unreliable, but it can help to boil it in lemon juice for 15 mins then add water, sweetener & drink, tastes waay better than other cactus). Can be more dreamy than Pedro but it works best if you are outside in the sun. Cactus combines very well with coffee or ceremonial cacao. One can increase potency further by predosing with syrian rue or harmalas, but it is a little dangerous especially if using a high dose of cactus. I do recommend vaping syrian rue seeds though throughout the experience (stop if you get a headache).

  • LSD tabs. I’ve scoured TheMajesticGarden forum to find you the very best in the world. Some people dose LSD sublingually but many people like myself find that method doesn’t work well. A more sure-fire approach is to parachute the tab inside some food, like chew it in a lettuce leaf (water doesn’t open the esophagus enough sometimes), or to put the tab in a glass of chlorine-free water (not tap water) for an hour, then drink the water with the tab.
  • Epigram New Sunshine LSD, 100mcg per tab. These are pure in terms of almost no body load, but they are energizing and good for emotional release. Not for meditation. See Bahiya Sutta tabs for that below. 10 tabs for $95, 25 tabs for $165, 100 tabs for $400. 1000 tabs for $2k. 200mcg tabs also available. Liquid available in any strength desired, for 50% extra on price. Crystal available: 100mg for $1500, 1g for $10k. Ship loc #1. Comes with tracking
  • BAHIYA SUTTA needlepoint white on white perforated 100mcg tabs (and soon liquid). 100mcg, described by some as visual and sacred and giggly. I personally find this to be the purest, chillest, zennest meditation lsd in the universe at a dose of 200mcg, you can cease existence easily. One of my customers gave this hilarious review: “I had a contact high by touching it briefly and had a really great, high energy, healing night. And laughed myself to sleep. Woke up in an amazing mood “. Another friend said this: “I love the Bahiya Sutta LSD man! Is the best of the best that helps you give the 100% of the steering wheel to god! I’m thinking maybe should buy 5K tabs and stack them!” 10 tabs for $95, 25 tabs for $165, 100 tabs for $400. 1000 tabs for $2k. Ship loc #1. Comes with tracking.
    • Also have 250mcg pressed tablets now! These are easier to dose than the tabs because they dissolve better in distilled water. Same price per mcg.
    • “Hoffman” LSD tabs also available, seems they are more visual than the others but I don’t recommend taking them at higher doses.


  • THC Cannabis (location N/A): Bean Patch Seeds (not feminized, $40 for 14, ask strains, see them growing), full spectrum vape carts with customizable cbd, cbg, cbn, thc ratios and terps, concentrates, edibles, organic (unless otherwise specified) flower, trim, also available with different strains at different times depending on quantity and form. Listing all the variations and prices here would not make sense but I will post some examples. Ship location N/A. Whatever quality you want, I can get it, just let me know your price range & qty.

    Keep in mind THC without CBD or CBG or palmitoylethanolamide is neurotoxic, causes anxiety and doubles false memories. Make sure you have CBD etc to use with your THC.
    For any THC order over $200 I can send you either 10g of Bubba Kush CBD flower (best for sleep/relaxation/pain) or a free 0.5mL CBD vape cart made with nothing but CBD distillate (mixed strains, but good for pain)! Normally valued at $20. Just remind me to send it.

QR code verifiable authentic (although black market) organic live resin cartridges and disposable 1g Space Club live resin vapes for $55 or 10 for $500. These are much higher quality than “distillate” carts — expect about 90% the potency of vaping high end bud. No dangerous ingredients nor solvents are used, just live resin.

Also have organic home-made (by the the grower, DrGreenThumb) God’s Strain (30% terp sauce, 70% distillate) 1g vape carts, 2 for $95 or 10 for $400
Also can get authentic white-market live resin 1g Stiizy Pods for $95 (the kind with lab tests for each batch).

****I make my own organic Live Resin 1g THC+CBD vape carts*** using only full spectrum CBD oil mixed with natural delta-9 THC, and cbg or cbn if you choose, and sativa, hybrid, or indica terp blends, for $45 or half gram for $25. Generally a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio unless you wish to customize it. This is the healthiest option, and you won’t find it sold probably anywhere else.

Organic BUD:

Dropships from Ship Locations N/A:

Holy Moly, high grade indoor indica-leaning hybrid, $235 per oz., QP for $700, 1lb for $2k, 5lbs for $8k. Sticky, fluffy and fresh, leaves white ash only.

Cheesecake, high grade indoor, $250 per oz., QP for $750, 1lb for $2500, 5lbs for $10k.

Purple Tiramisu, mid-grade light dep indica leaning hybrid, $200 per oz., QP for $650, 1lb for $1700, 5lbs for $7k. Sticky fluffy loud, smokes clean with taste of milky-cake.

Indoor top shelf smalls and shake (50/50 mix), 1oz for $120, 1lb for $650. WILL BE A MIX OF STRAINS: CHERRY PIE, CHEM DAWG, GELATO, MIMOSA, WEDDING CAKE, SOUR POWER, CANDY LAND, KUSH MINTS, MAC1, JACK FROST.. ETC, DrGreenThumb brand.

Curious Connoisseur? $350 for a 1oz sample pack of up to 8 strains from the following indoor AAA+ buds: Tommy Shelby, Pink runtz, Animal mint Gelato AMG, Peach gelato, Frosted donuts, Perris og, Cherry punch, Biscotti smalls, Skittles Ice Cream Cake, Zangria. NaturesLab brand.

botwin moonrocks

Moon Rocks (mixed strains of indoor organic bud soaked in hash oil then dipped in kief), 48% THC. POWERFUL, use just a little, and combine with CBD. $350/oz or QP for $650, 1lb for $1800

  • ——

  • 3 THC (delta 9) distillate, no cuts no pesticides, 80-90% THC depending on which test results one goes by (I do not have the results in hand, but others have tested it). 25mL for $135, 50mL for $190, 100mL for $325, or 1 Liter for $2200.
    Make your own carts or edibles for super cheap!
  • Add 50% to cost if you prefer organic GreenThumb brand (made by the grower in a vertical operation)
  • Terp sauce also available $25/mL various strains from real cannabis

  • Live Resin Sugar (almost diamonds in sauce) of top quality also available for the following strains (they change frequently):

Zookies, Skywalker OG, Kush Mintz, Cherry Pie, Ice Cream Cake, Gelato, White Rhino, Dream Queen, Black Jack, Z-Cube, Bruce Banner, GSC, LA Bomba, Race Fuel, SSH, Jet Fuel, Trainwreck: 14g for $235 or 1oz for $400 (up to 4 strains per oz may be requested), or QP for $1200 (ships from ST).

Economy Badder, diamonds, shatter, good quality with added terps after extraction, for indica strains: Grand Daddy Purple, Grape Ape, and for hybrid strains: Northern Lights, Gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, and for sativa strains: Mimosa, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Kush, Tropicana, Tangie,, Lemon Candy. 1oz for $250, QP for $800, HP for $1400, 1lb for $2400

  • Live ROSIN, Rove & other brands on rotating basis, $70-$120/g (from Ship Location: cmax).

  • 10x40mg full spectrum nano-molecular THC Gummies (peaks in 1 hour unlike regular edibles), mixed strain, $35 or 5 packs for $125
  • 1:2 THC (Triangle Kush badder):full spectrum CBD chocolates, 75mg total cannabinoids each, very chill, $5 for one, $40 for 10. Little ones for $1 (15mg total cannabinoids in each). I make these myself using Callebaut semisweet chocolate. I can custom-make them by request as well. They are not packaged professionally but they are vacuum-mold-packed to retain form in the mail. They take a lot longer to peak than the nanomolecular gummies. You can get one of these as a free sample with an order of anything else.