Chrunga instructions

Chrunga is the revolution in smokable ayahuasca. It is rue seeds (crushed or whole depending), infused with synthetic DMT (because that is the only way to have pure DMT, and the synergy does not work with just any mystery mix of tryptamines). In addition to the MAOi-class drugs known, harmine, and harmaline (check MAOi herb and drug interactions please!), the rue seeds contain dozens of drugs that are not even all characterized by science.

The whole rue seeds produce a more gentle and heart-chakra centered experience which feels very feminine to me (I’m male). The crushed rue seeds produce a much more full-spectrum psychedelic perfection in which telepathy becomes activated and all chakras are aligned without fear. Spirit communication becomes feasible with the crushed chrunga, and not only communication but communion. Communing with the right spirit of love (like my mother-in-law, whom I never met while alive) can transform an interesting experience into an ecstatic one!

For even more optimal experience I recommend vaping the rue seeds first and then vaping DMT from a cartridge. This way you have maximum control over timing and dose of each ingredient. You could also just vape rue seeds and then vape chrunga as well. If you get a headache, you probably have vaped more than enough rue.

Vaping the chrunga combo is a little tricky because the DMT will vape at a lower temp than the rue seeds. Rue seeds vape best on the high temp setting. I suggest only adding 1/3 to 1/2 of the chrunga to your vape device at one time to get the most impact from the rue before being blasted by the DMT. Fully vape each 1/3 before removing it and adding the next.

Or you can put 70mg rue seeds in a wax vape pen and 30mg synthetic DMT on top. That works well. I have the vape pens if you need one.

You can purchase chrunga and other items from my menu.

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